Add a Dogecoin Tip Jar to your Website

Tip jar for website offers a Tip Jar Widget that can easily be placed on any website

Add a Tip Jar on your website and get Tips directly to your Dogecoin wallet. If you're a blogger, photographer, musician, store owner or have any website, it's a great tool that allows your users to show appreciation and Tip you in Dogecoin!

How does it work?

All you have to do is go to Create a Tip Jar and setup a Dogecoin wallet or enter your existing Dogecoin address.

Once you create the Tip Jar, save the image and place it on your website.

You will now have a "TipMySite" Tip Jar on your website. When a user scans the Tip Jar, they can tip directly to your wallet.

Example Tip Jar on website


Why should I add a Dogecoin Tip Jar to my website?

Adding a Tip jar on your website allows your visitors to show appreciation for your hard work! Visitors can Tip you in Dogecoin directly!

Why Dogecoin?

Dogecoin's popularity has increased over the years, it's becoming the currency of the internet. Dogecoin is one of the most adopted cryptocurrencies by people and businesses all over the world. Doge is fast, cheap, and secure, and it allows for near-instantaneous transactions across the internet.

How much does the Website Tip Jar cost?

There is no cost, it's free!

How do I add a Dogecoin Tip Jar to my website?

If you already have a Dogecoin wallet click here. If you do not have a Dogecoin wallet first set one up by following this guide.

Can I add a Tip Jar to my social media accounts?

Yes! The Tip jar can easily be added to almost any social media account. Click to create a Dogecoin Tip Jar for Social Media accounts.

How do users Tip my site?

Once you add the Tip Jar to your website users can use their Dogecoin wallets to Scan your QR code and tip directly to your wallet.

Once I receive tips in Dogecoin to my wallet, what do I do?

You can save it, spend it at thousands of retailers that accept Dogecoin, donate it or even tip it to others. It's digital currency!

How do I convert my Dogecoin into my local currency?

To convert your Dogecoin into your local currency, you will need to use a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken. You will need to create an account, deposit your Dogecoin, and then exchange it for your local currency.

What should I do after adding the Tip Button to my site?

Let everyone know! Announce it on your social media channels! Tell your friends & fans they can now tip you right on your website!