Crypto Tip Jar For YouTube

How do you add a Dogecoin Tip Jar to a YouTube Channel?

Adding a crypto Tip Jar to YouTube is now possible thanks to TipMySite! By having a Tip Jar on your YouTube channel, it will enable your fans to show support and appreciation by tipping you in Dogecoin. Anyone can simply add the Tip Jar to YouTube without having any advanced technical knowledge. It's geared for everyone! After you complete the steps below you can use the bio link for any social media account.

Crypto Tip Jar for Youtube

Below is a detailed step by step guide on how to add a Dogecoin Tip Jar to YouTube:

  1. Create a Dogecoin Wallet (if you already have a Dogecoin wallet you can skip this step)

  2. Go to create a Dogecoin Tip Jar , enter your Dogecoin address and save the Tip Jar image

  3. Go to

  4. Click Sign up

  5. Enter you email

  6. Choose a (it's the short URL that will be displayed in your profile)

  7. Enter / create a password

  8. Click signup with email

  9. Check your email for a 6 digit code

  10. Enter your 6 digit code and click signup with email

  11. Setup your page - Add a profile picture, Enter a name & bio (bio is optional)

  12. Setup your page - Add your first link to any social media or website & Click get started

  13. Save your Bio Link - it should look like

  14. Click on + Add Embed

  15. Scroll down to basics and click on Add Story. The photo on the story can be left blank

  16. Add a title: My Dogecoin Tip jar (or any other text you'd like to display for your Tip jar)

  17. Underneath "Write your Story" Click on the small image icon and upload the image of your Tip Jar from step 2 to the body of the story

Optional - Add this text "Powered by" below the image to raise awareness for others. It also helps support this project

  1. Click Add

  2. Click on the Design tab to spice up the look of your page (optional)

  3. Your page is done! Save the from up top (your unique address created)

  4. Log into your YouTube account

  5. Click on your profile image on the top right

  6. Click on your channel

  7. Click on customize channel

  8. Click on basic info tab

  9. Click on Add Link

  10. Add Link Title "Dogecoin Tip jar" and add the new bio link under "website". It should look like (your unique address created with your name)

  11. Click Publish

  12. You're done! The new link will appear in your bio and you should now have a Tip Jar on your YouTube channel!

  13. Let everyone know! Announce it on your social media channels! Tell your friends & fans they can now tip you right on your YouTube!

Note: The (your unique link created with your name) can be used for any social media account