Tip Jar For Social Media

Don't have a website but would like to add a Tip Jar to your social media accounts? 

Easy! You can add the Dogecoin Tip jar to almost any Social Media Bio like this!

It works with, Twitter (now X) , Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other popular social networks.

Create a Tip Jar for Social Media:

All you have to do is go to Bio Link , create your own link, then click on "Add Embed" > select "Story" and upload your Tip Jar image to the body of the story. 

You can then paste the Bio Link URL on your social media bios. Example

ℹ️  Make sure you have a Dogecoin Wallet and your Dogecoin Tip Jar created 

Tip Jar for Social Media

Here are detailed step by step guides on how to add a crypto Dogecoin Tip Jar for free to your Social Media:

Here are some quick videos to show you how to add a Tip Jar to your Social Media Bio